Hell and Paradise

She put too polaroid pictures next to each other. The picture represented the moment before the kiss followed with the kiss.
'See, it's easy’ she said 'hell is the distance between your lips and paradise is the kiss. You can't have one without the other. To reach paradise you will always have to go through hell, always. It's just the way it works’ she finished while looking up toward the sky. The stars were shy tonight but it didn't matter, because he had found his star.


The World Beneath

It is June and I have one more week until my last exam. And even though I would love some summer, you can’t have it in Sweden! It feels like a new ice age when you walk outside in the morning.



Found these laying here. Must be my lucky day.

I like to be out in natur, just walking around in the forest with my camera. You never really know what you mind find out there. If you look down once in a while you will notice there is a whole new world beneath us that few people take interest in. It doesn’t have to be insect life, can also be plants and other stuff that just sits there waiting for someone to walk by and take a shot.


Even the plant is cold.

That is why I don’t really like this cold and rainy weather, makes my activity so much harder. Booked tickets a couple a days ago to warmer lands. I wouldn’t live where I live if it was up to me. I just have to make the best of it for now.

An explanation of Occupational Therapy

I recently started studying at a occupational therapy in Sweden. I didn’t knew a whole lot about this profession. I decided to study here because I wanted to help and make a difference into people every day life. I knew people who have had occupational therapy and it changed their life for the better. That doesn’t mean that I still don’t have to explain to everyone I know what exactly it is I am doing.


April OT Month.jpg

“Occupational therapists are health professionals who receive their training in accredited university programs. They are concerned about what people ‘do’. The ‘occupation’ in our name refers to the general idea of being occupied. So when occupational therapists talk about occupations, they’re not talking just about jobs, but they mean all the activities that can occupy time during a day. Occupational therapists address the issues that get in the way of being able to do the things that are important, including the activities that allow you to independently take care of yourself and your family, and those activities that give you satisfaction and a sense of purpose in life.”

– Lisa Klinger and Bonnie Klassen, OT Now